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ICE MEGA EXPO - Multi Media Budget
Mega multi level advertising & publicity budgets for ICE in 20 cities
  • A powerful advertising & multi-level promotional campaign planned for ICE Exhibition in the 20 super cash rich cities.

  • Emphatic eye catching advertisements planned in all leading publications in all the Cities for ICE, on almost everyday during the Exhibition.

  • Excellent media support & special write-ups will be telecast featuring ICE in each of the 20 cities during the exhibition.

  • On all weekends during the exhibition, local cable channels will telecast a 1 minute program featuring ICE in each of the 20 cities during the exhibition

  • FM Radio will broadcast advertisements every day through out the exhibition period.
    Over five lakh leaflets will be distributed as newspapers inserts on all days during the Exhibition in all cities.

  • Fabulous road shows to initiate awareness, will be organized to encompass the entire city for the first 5 days during each exhibition in all cities.

  • Over 5lakh free entry invites will be distributed to our regular visitors, from our high profile customers data during each exhibition in all the 20 cities.

  • Ads in top Newspapers

  • Bus Ads

  • Newspaper Inserts

  • Cable TV ads

  • Road Shows

  • Radio Ads

  • Free Entry Invitations

ICE Super Planning for PUBLIC SAFETY for past 18 years

At all ICE MEGA EXPO shows the stall layout and the path way have always been planned for the past 18 years consecutively with great care for public safety.

The stall planning involves arranging the stalls to ensure that there is no stalls obstructing in the front or in the back to ensure public flow at the peak traffic period or during any emergency period {most exhibition plan stalls opposite each other on all the 4 sides, which becomes a zigzag puzzle during emergency}.

The path ways planning involves giving over 15 feet {most exhibitions give only 5 feet} width pathways to ensure smooth public flow at peak period or emergency period. The pathways for all ICE shows in the past 18 years have been straight roads with one way public flow ensuring highest public safety as it avoids any public commotion during Emergency or peak hours.

ICE Dedicates almost 50% of the exhibition area and land area towards public safety by way of big pathways and emergency exits {most exhibition give only 15% area}.

Emergency Exits and separate entry and exit arch

All ICE MEGA EXPO shows are planned with extreme care for the past 18 years to provide at-least 10{ten}emergency exits. It is also important to note that all ICE MEGA EXPO shows have got a separate massive {minimum 25 feet} entrance arch and exit arch.

A case study of the well / scientifically planned layouts plan of any ICE MEGA EXPO show gives an idea about how much care has been taken by ICE for the last 18 years for the public safety.

Public safety and public life Insurance

All ICE MEGA EXPO shows are covered with 3rd party / public life insurance to the extent of Rs.1 crore per event which covers any loss of life and injury to the visiting public.

Safety measures which includes providing fire fighting equipments, employing well known security agencies, obtaining government/statutory permission etc., have always been given highest importance at all ICE mega shows for the past 18 years. ICE believes that the above planning is more important for exhibition organizers, than just concentrating on fire related issues, ICE continues to be committed for providing at most care for public safety planning.